Day 3

19 Jul

Things are going well.  The weight is dropping slowly but surely.  I spent the morning cleaning up a corner of the basement.  Tonight I’ll be setting up the weight room.  I have weights, assorted bars, a weight bench and pull-up machine.  With it set up I will no longer have any excuses.

I took my brother to The Seidman Cancer Center today.   I’ve been helping him battle cancer for the last two years.  His cancer has come back again and it doesn’t look good.  They are going to start him on a clinical trial for an immunotherapy drug.  Even if he gets in, there is a chance that he will not get the drug, but a placebo.  So, it looks like I have months of taking him to Cleveland for treatment.  I watched my other brother go through this six years ago.  I was with him when he died. My mother became ill right after and I took care of  her.  The stress has been with me for too long.

When we left he was hungry for Red Robin so we stopped in.  I was able to use MyFitnessPal to find the best option on what to eat.  Even eating at a place like that I was able to find healthy lower calorie options.


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