Day 18: Chewing the Fat

02 Aug

I had to run into Cleveland yesterday for a couple errands. I stopped at the casino for some quick cash play. I won a few hands and lost a few. Up $23. Not complaining. There was a guy to my right who had to weigh four hundred pounds. Nice guy but all he could talk about was Arby's Pizza Sliders.

I looked them up and they are 300 calories. Half of the calories come from fat. Plus 930 mg of sodium

The guy was excited as it only costs $1.29. I wonder what the cost of angioplasty is? I can guarantee that for only $1.29 no one orders less than three of them.

I didn't say anything, I just listened. He seemed like a nice guy and I hope he wakes up before something bad happens. I hope I did


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