Day 19: It’s Working

03 Aug

For the past few days weight loss stalled. When I’ve failed in the past it got to me and I gave up. Now it makes me more determined. When I stall I will walk a little more, eat a little less and not give up. It worked. This morning I’m down 16.2 pounds! I feel good

I look nasty as I haven’t shaved in a week. I hate beards (on me). They are scratchy and make me look old. I look like an old drunk at the end of a three day bender. Still, It motivates me. We went to Aladdin’s yesterday for Kibbe and Beef Kafta Rolled. I was tempted to eat a little more but the itchy face reminded me that I don’t want to look or feel bad any longer.

I have to take my brother into Cleveland and The Seidman Cancer Center again today. We have to see a radiation specialist. Next week it is immunologist. He cancer is Stage 4a. It’s been going on for two years. Feels much longer.

What I’m doing is working. I’m in good spirits. I just have to keep on keeping on

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