Day 20: Time Balancing

04 Aug

My brother’s time at the Cancer Clinic was promising. He has a mass in his ear, cancer in neck and chest. He will get focused radiation on his ear to relieve symptoms. Then either traditional chemotherapy or immunotherapy. I’ll have to take him to Cleveland every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks for radiation. If he gets immunotherapy I’ll have to take him there twice a week. This has been going on with family members for six years.

I can’t let this derail me. I’ll have to get to the gym first thing in the morning or be prepared to go late. I’ll have to prepare proper food to eat. I need to work around this time and avoid the bakeries of Little Italy that are just around the corner.

I’ll also have to remember to have a guitar with me.

It’s all good. The weight is coming off. I can’t let anything derail it.


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