Day 22: Interests

06 Aug

I have a lot of interests. Growing up chess was my first love. Even working 10-12 hour days I found time to play in The Cleveland Industrial Chess League for the German-American team.

From my late teens to mid-twenties I studied Tang Soo Do (a Korean martial art).

For thirty-seven years I worked long hours listening to books on tape and dreaming of doing everything.

Retiring and taking care of my dying brother I was still able to go up to Maryland and teach banjo at workshops.

Everything fascinates me and since my mother's death in 2013 I feel the weight of time. I feel as though I have time but no time to waste.

I have an old MG Midget that I bought new in 1979. I've been meaning to restore it for the past twenty years. I think it will be a good Winter project.

My friends are telling me that I do too much but I feel like a starving man at a buffet.

I think if I can find the right balance I can do so much. I'm curious as to how many plates I can spin.

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