Day 25: Tai Chi

09 Aug

"We are ungrateful en masse. Let each one question himself: there is no one who does not complain of someone's ingratitude. But it cannot be the case that all have a complaint unless all are an object of complaint: therefore all are ungrateful. Are they ungrateful only? They are also all covetous, all malicious, all fearful, especially those who appear to be daring. More than that: they are all selfish and all without scruple. But there is no reason to be angry with them; pardon them, for they are all mad. I do not want to refer you to generalities, such as: "See, how ungrateful is youth!" Who, however innocent he is, does not wish for his father's last day; who, however reasonable he is, does not look forward to it; who, however dutiful he is, does not dream of it? How few there are who dread so much the death of an excellent wife as not to make calculations? What litigant, I ask, after being defended, has retained the memory of so great a benefit any longer than the last hearing? We all agree in asking: who is there who dies without complaint? Who has the courage to say on his last day:

I have lived my life and run the course that fortune gave me."

– Seneca, On Benefits 5.17.3

I've come down with a summer cold and laryngitis. It's kicking my butt. I slept in and will be taking a nap later.

A while back I started getting interested in Tai Chi. When I was young I studied Tang Soo Do, a Korean style. At the age I am now I was more interested in a softer more internal style. That is Tai Chi.

I bought The Great Courses course on Tai Chi. It's great and I've been moving through it slowly and purposefully.

I found there is a credit course for it at the local community college. I signed up for it. I can't wait for it to start in a few weeks.

What I'm doing isn't just about weight loss. It's about becoming healthy. I'm hoping Tai Chi will help with flexibility and balance.

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