Day 33: Swimming

18 Aug

“Not only in running and the contests of the Circus, but in this race course of our lives we must keep to the inner track”

– Seneca, On Tranquility 9.3

Austin is truly incredible. Every restaurant has large outdoor areas and the food is fantastic with spices and fresh lime.

The heat is brutal with the sun beating down. I mentioned that I’m still tired and my daughter’s fiancée said, “Yeah, you look it”. I pulled him aside and explained the rules. If ever I say anything like that you are to say, “Im surprised, you seem to be in such good shape!”

We went for an early lunch at Red’s Porch. It’s is a fine restaurant that sits high overlooking The Green Belt. Large fans had misters attached that made the hundred degree heat quite pleasant.

The daughter wanted us to go swimming so we went to Barton Springs. It’s a municipal swim place with cold water from a spring.

The water was wonderfully cold and we swam for a few hours. To be honest it kicked my ass. The last time I swam was 1978 and I looked like this.

I got out of the water and told my future son-in-law how all that swimming had kicked my ass. He looked at me and said, “I’m surprised, you seem to be in such good shape!” That kid is going places.

This is what the place looks like and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Afterwards we went to an authentic taco place. The amount of spices down here is nuts. In Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas it was grits with everything. Here it is hot spices.

I’m trying to be good but have to have realistic expectations. When I get back I’m going to have to hit it hard.

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