Day 32: Austin, Texas

17 Aug

After twenty hours of driving over two days we made it to Austin. It was truly exhausting. The only thing that made it bearable was podcasts of Fresh Air and This American Life. This was interrupted by listening to the entire catalog of Roxy Music.

I was a bit surprised that everywhere we went, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and now Texas look very much like Ohio. Some were more hilly but mostly the trees and foliage are the same.

When we got to Memphis we stopped at a gas station for gas, bathroom and coffee. While there I saw a cowboy hat there that fit me perfectly. I had to buy it.

I don’t know any cowboys but I assume they all buy their hats at gas stations.

We are in Austin for at least a week and I won’t be getting on the scale until I get back. I’m going to try to be good. When I get back I plan to hit it hard.

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