Day 52: A Book Review

06 Sep

I finished Younger Next Year.


The gist of the book is that much of what we see is aging is merely the consequence of idleness.  Obviously we are aging, our hair is becoming gray and other things but many of the debilitating effects are due to our sedentary lifestyles.  A good example would be me.  I worked at a job where I walked ten miles a day and lifted ten thousand pounds a day to watching Netflix and playing the banjo.

The idea is to treat exercise like a job.  Something that you do every day, six days a week.  Your quality of life increases and instead of a slow decline you live well until your death very late in life.

It’s a great book.  Easy to read and very motivating.  I did make the mistake of looking up the authors on Google and found that Dr. Henry S. Lodge died at 58 of prostate cancer.  So it goes.

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