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Training in Majorca

As I work towards fitness the plan has been to alter my diet, walk in the mornings and then hop on the indoor trainer in the early evening.

I have a Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer and it is smooth and works great.


The biggest problem for me is the boredom.  Twenty minutes on the trainer is a lifetime, even with Roxy Music playing in the background.  I went online and found some great free training videos that I throw on my tablet and relax.  They have no sound so I can still listen to Blind Boy Fuller and I spin.  Here is a video of a ride in Majorca.  The video lasts about an hour.  That is about my limit on a trainer.

It’s ironic that my wife has been talking about moving to Spain when her father dies.  Our daughter has moved away and we have nothing holding us in any specific place.

I have failed a thousand times at weight loss and I think I finally have the answer.  I had a friend tell me that getting in shape was seventy percent diet and thirty percent exercise.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it is one hundred percent discipline

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