Day 4

20 Jul

I made a mistake today that I’ve made in the past that has been diet destruction.

My wife’s phone died and as with most folk her entire life is in it.  We headed out to Verizon early and spent a lot of time there.   While out and about got a bunch of things done that have been needed to be done.  Here’s where the problem was.  We hadn’t eaten and it was 2pm.

In the past we would get busy, not eat and head to some eating establishment.  Feeling like I’m starving I overeat, go home and take a nap.  Get up and eat some more.  Then since the diet was busted eat some more before bed, no more.

We decided to go to Olive Garden.  The wife loves it there and I can find food.  In the old days I’d have a couple bowls of soup, seven or eight garlic breads and a main course.  Instead I pulled up MyFitnessPal and realized I could have one bowl of Chicken & Gnocchi soup (250 calories), Lasagna Classico (650 calories) and two bread sticks (280 calories).  Total of 1180 calories for a combined breakfast and lunch.  With a light dinner I would stay under my limit.  When I was done I was full and satisfied.  I can do this.

I’ve been walking five miles every day since I started and this heat and humidity has been brutal.  If I don’t walk in the morning I am screwed.  I walked last night and if felt like I was breathing through a straw.  It was even worse today.  I can’t let myself stop due to weather so we did something about it.  The wife and I joined a gym today.  We joined Splashzone in Oberlin.  Now I can go there and swim, workout and walk.  Hell, we can even play Pickle Ball! Day by day I’m removing excuses and replacing them with opportunities.

This is one more day when I’ve been going non-stop.  A friend invited me out to a shooting range and a shot a couple different hand guns.  Had never fired one before.  It as an interesting experience. At any rate I didn’t have time to make a video.  I’ll get back on that horse soon.

Things are going well.  I’m down about ten pounds.  It’s working and I will keep making adjustments.


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