Day 27: Full Day of Poker

12 Aug

"What, then, is the mistake people make, seeing that everyone wants a happy life? They take the instruments used by happiness to be happiness itself, and so abandon the very thing they are seeking. For the chief point in a happy life is to be solidly secure and unshakably confident of that state; and yet they gather up the causes of anxiety and haul, no, drag those burdens behind them on life’s treacherous journey. For that reason they recede further and further from what they seek to attain, and the greater their efforts, the greater the hindrance they create for themselves. It is like hurrying in a maze: their very haste impedes them"

– Seneca, Letters 44.7

Spent the entire day in Columbus at The Hollywood Casino. I played in one of the Summer Classic Poker Tournaments. Unfortunately I got a bad table and the cards didn't cooperate. Oh well. Unfortunately I busted midway while my friend continued. We drove together so I had to wait for over four hours. I spent the time on and off writing or walking. Got a lot of steps in. I look forward to getting on the bike tomorrow.

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