Day 28: Fluctuating

13 Aug

Misfortune nobly born is good fortune.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

I’m disappointed in the game yesterday but have learned from it so that is fine.

It’s interesting how when I don’t do much for a day my weight goes up a full three pounds.  I can only attribute that to water.  Since poker tournaments and chess tournaments are on weekends I’m going to have to accept the weekend spike of water weight gain.  Luckily the app I use to keep track of my weight uses a moving average so the the graph shows what is really happening.

Plenty of apps can track your weight. FatWatch will analyze it.

You cannot control your weight if you aren’t aware of how it is changing. Beyond recording the readings from your scale, FatWatch computes a moving average so that you can see the real trends behind the day-to-day shifts in your body weight.

More than a pretty chart

FatWatch estimates how much energy you are burning (or overeating) each day, giving you valuable information you can use to intelligently adjust your diet and exercise plans. It only needs your weight: there is no need to fuss with a food database every time you eat something.

You can take it with you

If you’ve already been tracking your weight, FatWatch allows you to import weight history from a variety of sources, including Eat Watch for Palm. You can also export to your Mac or PC and do with it as you please. No additional software is required.

I love the FatWatch app for iOS. Unfortunately it won’t be supported when iOS 11 comes out.  I’ve been looking for replacement and so far the one that is closest in using a moving average is True Weight.  I’m using them in tandem right now.


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