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Day 6

No time for a video today. I played poker last night and didn't get to bed until 3am. Slept in until 8am and went to the gym to get my steps in. I have a full day of poker ahead so I'm glad I did something early.

This was when I was much younger. I was slimmer but made up for it with the twenty pounds of hair.

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Day 5

Get busy with life’s purpose, toss aside empty hopes, get active in your own rescue—if you care for yourself at all—and do it while you can.” – Marcus Aurelius

Went to the gym to get steps in and check out the free weights room.  Walking around I watched some of the old fogies (some younger than me) playing Pickle Ball.  I spoke to the front desk about finding a personal trainer.  Even though I am on a fixed income I think it would be wise to find someone who can guide me through this.  A few names were given with texts being sent out.

I am losing weight slowly and I can feel my endurance increasing.  So far everything is going according to plan.  I feel good.


From ten years ago


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Day 4

I made a mistake today that I’ve made in the past that has been diet destruction.

My wife’s phone died and as with most folk her entire life is in it.  We headed out to Verizon early and spent a lot of time there.   While out and about got a bunch of things done that have been needed to be done.  Here’s where the problem was.  We hadn’t eaten and it was 2pm.

In the past we would get busy, not eat and head to some eating establishment.  Feeling like I’m starving I overeat, go home and take a nap.  Get up and eat some more.  Then since the diet was busted eat some more before bed, no more.

We decided to go to Olive Garden.  The wife loves it there and I can find food.  In the old days I’d have a couple bowls of soup, seven or eight garlic breads and a main course.  Instead I pulled up MyFitnessPal and realized I could have one bowl of Chicken & Gnocchi soup (250 calories), Lasagna Classico (650 calories) and two bread sticks (280 calories).  Total of 1180 calories for a combined breakfast and lunch.  With a light dinner I would stay under my limit.  When I was done I was full and satisfied.  I can do this.

I’ve been walking five miles every day since I started and this heat and humidity has been brutal.  If I don’t walk in the morning I am screwed.  I walked last night and if felt like I was breathing through a straw.  It was even worse today.  I can’t let myself stop due to weather so we did something about it.  The wife and I joined a gym today.  We joined Splashzone in Oberlin.  Now I can go there and swim, workout and walk.  Hell, we can even play Pickle Ball! Day by day I’m removing excuses and replacing them with opportunities.

This is one more day when I’ve been going non-stop.  A friend invited me out to a shooting range and a shot a couple different hand guns.  Had never fired one before.  It as an interesting experience. At any rate I didn’t have time to make a video.  I’ll get back on that horse soon.

Things are going well.  I’m down about ten pounds.  It’s working and I will keep making adjustments.


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Day 3

Things are going well.  The weight is dropping slowly but surely.  I spent the morning cleaning up a corner of the basement.  Tonight I’ll be setting up the weight room.  I have weights, assorted bars, a weight bench and pull-up machine.  With it set up I will no longer have any excuses.

I took my brother to The Seidman Cancer Center today.   I’ve been helping him battle cancer for the last two years.  His cancer has come back again and it doesn’t look good.  They are going to start him on a clinical trial for an immunotherapy drug.  Even if he gets in, there is a chance that he will not get the drug, but a placebo.  So, it looks like I have months of taking him to Cleveland for treatment.  I watched my other brother go through this six years ago.  I was with him when he died. My mother became ill right after and I took care of  her.  The stress has been with me for too long.

When we left he was hungry for Red Robin so we stopped in.  I was able to use MyFitnessPal to find the best option on what to eat.  Even eating at a place like that I was able to find healthy lower calorie options.


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Day 2

Yesterday was a great day.  I got up very early and walked over five miles.  At the end of the day I had over seven miles.  I kept my calories down and everything is going well.

Today has been a bit crazy due to my father-in-law’s house going up for sale.  So many little things to take care of.  In the past I would have been so busy that I would have abandoned my plan, come home and ordered a large pizza.  Back then I was on the Whole Foods diet.  A whole pizza, whole chicken, etc.  That was my old life.

Got a new app for the iPhone.  I’ve been using Fatwatch and like it because it uses a moving average for the graphs but it isn’t being updated so I switched over to Monitor Your Weight .  It does everything that Fatwatch did and a lot more.  Here is a screenshot.


Notice it says Obese Class III?  Ouch!!!  Good thing I’m doing something about this before something serious happens.  I have been deceiving myself for too long.  I can walk five miles at a brisk pace non-stop, it fooled me.  No more.

I started doing Tai Chi for flexibility.  I studied Tang Soo Do when I was in my twenties but at this age I want a more internal style.   I found The Great Courses lesson on it and I’ll be doing that daily.

I plan to start doing light weight training soon but want to be smart.  The last thing I want to do is injure myself.  I’ll do the research and start slowly.  I have all the equiptment, all I need now is the knowledge.

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Day 1: The Reboot

Looking back it was silly for me to start this program before I went to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event.  I had won a free seat into the $10,000 event.  The time right before, during and right after were fraught with challenges.  No matter, I started yesterday and will continue unabated.

Being raised by an agoraphobic I have been averse to travel up until the last few years.  Las Vegas was a milestone for me and a bizarre experience.  I met many of my poker heroes, from Humberto Brenes to Marcel Luske.  It was an experience that I will repeat.

Looking at my pictures I’m actually surprised at how heavy I look.  Especially when we went to Red Rock.  The desert was beyond beautiful.  The tour bus took us to spots and we would get out and take pictures.  The 120°F heat was brutal.  If I stood in one place too long I would have been just a grease puddle.

desert 1

I had never seen desert before and the incredible beauty and sheer vastness was surprising.  I have to go back in the Fall or Winter so that I can hike.

To show you how bad I look here is a photo of me in the desert.

desert 2

This will not stand.  I will lose the weight.

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Reboot In Two Days

I started the weight loss thing a short time before I went to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker.  I made it late day two before I busted. 

It was impossible to anything health wise while I was here.  Either I was very busy or it was 118F.  

I’m coming home tomorrow and I am twice as motivated as before to get in shape. 

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