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Day 23: Day off

Decided to take a day off. The wife and I watched Netflix and I noodled on the guitar. Tomorrow I plan to hit the gym hard.

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Day 22: Interests

I have a lot of interests. Growing up chess was my first love. Even working 10-12 hour days I found time to play in The Cleveland Industrial Chess League for the German-American team.

From my late teens to mid-twenties I studied Tang Soo Do (a Korean martial art).

For thirty-seven years I worked long hours listening to books on tape and dreaming of doing everything.

Retiring and taking care of my dying brother I was still able to go up to Maryland and teach banjo at workshops.

Everything fascinates me and since my mother's death in 2013 I feel the weight of time. I feel as though I have time but no time to waste.

I have an old MG Midget that I bought new in 1979. I've been meaning to restore it for the past twenty years. I think it will be a good Winter project.

My friends are telling me that I do too much but I feel like a starving man at a buffet.

I think if I can find the right balance I can do so much. I'm curious as to how many plates I can spin.

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Day 21: Class II

Comparison is the thief of joy
Teddy Roosevelt

Finally!  The weight is moving enough that I have dropped down from Obese Class III to Obese Class II.  My BMI has moved down to 39.9.  I don’t put a lot of stock into BMI but it is a yardstick nonetheless.

According to this I will be at my ideal weight 170.  That sounds a bit insane.  My goal is to get below 200 and ideally 185.  Perhaps when I get there I will change my perception.  I’ve been fat a very long time.  As I have told people, even my watch has stretch marks!

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Day 20: Time Balancing

My brother’s time at the Cancer Clinic was promising. He has a mass in his ear, cancer in neck and chest. He will get focused radiation on his ear to relieve symptoms. Then either traditional chemotherapy or immunotherapy. I’ll have to take him to Cleveland every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks for radiation. If he gets immunotherapy I’ll have to take him there twice a week. This has been going on with family members for six years.

I can’t let this derail me. I’ll have to get to the gym first thing in the morning or be prepared to go late. I’ll have to prepare proper food to eat. I need to work around this time and avoid the bakeries of Little Italy that are just around the corner.

I’ll also have to remember to have a guitar with me.

It’s all good. The weight is coming off. I can’t let anything derail it.


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Day 19: Update

At Seidman Cancer Center. My brother is the goofy one in the background.

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Day 19: It’s Working

For the past few days weight loss stalled. When I’ve failed in the past it got to me and I gave up. Now it makes me more determined. When I stall I will walk a little more, eat a little less and not give up. It worked. This morning I’m down 16.2 pounds! I feel good

I look nasty as I haven’t shaved in a week. I hate beards (on me). They are scratchy and make me look old. I look like an old drunk at the end of a three day bender. Still, It motivates me. We went to Aladdin’s yesterday for Kibbe and Beef Kafta Rolled. I was tempted to eat a little more but the itchy face reminded me that I don’t want to look or feel bad any longer.

I have to take my brother into Cleveland and The Seidman Cancer Center again today. We have to see a radiation specialist. Next week it is immunologist. He cancer is Stage 4a. It’s been going on for two years. Feels much longer.

What I’m doing is working. I’m in good spirits. I just have to keep on keeping on

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Day 18: Chewing the Fat

I had to run into Cleveland yesterday for a couple errands. I stopped at the casino for some quick cash play. I won a few hands and lost a few. Up $23. Not complaining. There was a guy to my right who had to weigh four hundred pounds. Nice guy but all he could talk about was Arby's Pizza Sliders.

I looked them up and they are 300 calories. Half of the calories come from fat. Plus 930 mg of sodium

The guy was excited as it only costs $1.29. I wonder what the cost of angioplasty is? I can guarantee that for only $1.29 no one orders less than three of them.

I didn't say anything, I just listened. He seemed like a nice guy and I hope he wakes up before something bad happens. I hope I did


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Day 17: Slight Stall

"What enemy has ever treated anyone as roughly as some people’s treat them? Their desires are uncontrolled—insane—and would be unforgivable, except that the damage is all to themselves. And it’s not without reason that they are tormented with such frenzy. For desires that exceed the bounds of nature cannot but go on to infinity. Our nature has its own limit, but empty and perverse desires are inherently unbounded. Our needs are measured by utility; beyond that, what line is there to draw? So they drown themselves in pleasures, having grown so accustomed to them that they can no longer do without them. They are especially miserable in that they have gotten to a point where what were once luxuries have become necessities. Rather than enjoying their pleasures, they are slaves to them; worst of all, they even love what is worst in themselves. The worst of their condition is when they not only enjoy their shameful behavior but even approve of it. Once vice becomes a code of conduct, there ceases to be any possibility of cure"

– Seneca, Letters 39.5-6

Things have stalled on the weight loss front. Going to review my calories and exercise. Will change up a few things. Plan to hit the gyn hard today and see if I can shake things up a bit.

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